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Distance Find the distance between two Zip codes
Size: 1.3 MB
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calculator calculate determine distance distance  
At a Distance At a Distance is a game about solitude in shared experiences.
Size: 38.66MB
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Voyage Distance Marine distance table software in world map.
Size: 3.63MB
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planner navigation FFA Submitter ffa world map Voyage  
Distance Calculator Perform time, distance and speed related calculations on the fly
Size: 800 KB
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speed calculator speed calculator calculate calculation  
Distance Marker Distance Marker program works with AutoCAD to quickly create distance notations in your drawing
Size: 2.3 MB
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CAD AutoCAD drawing  
Distance Formula Yahoo Widget that will help you to easily calculate the distance between two points on a graph
Size: 11 KB
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Yahoo Widget formula calculate distance calculate distance  

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Open Distance Logger Log the distance you run with this tool.
Size: 2.7 MB
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log logger determine distance log distance distance logger  
Measurement Filter This Adobe Photoshop filter lets you examine images, calculate angles and measure distances.
Size: 1.2 MB
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measure distance measurement multiple angles Measure Image  
Nautical Miles to Kilometers Converter Nautical Miles to Kilometers Converter
Size: 1.8 MB
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convert distance measurement Kilometers to Miles  
Unit Measurement Converter This application was created to offer you the possibility to easily convert several types of units to the ones you need.
Size: 250 KB
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convert distance velocity measurement converter  
MileageTracker A mileage tracker using the Google Maps API to determine distances.
Size: 682 KB
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tracker Google Voice API distance Google Data API  
Sportmate A free software which may be helpful in your sports activities.
Size: 282 KB
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speed speed calculator distance Run running speed  

distance in description

Distance Calculator Distance Calculator is an easy to use application that will enable you to compute distance, speed and time values using three modules. With Distance Calculator you can enter speed and distance to find...
Size: 800 KB
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speed calculator speed calculator calculate calculation  
seqdiff seqdiff is a Java class library which contains classes to help you calculate different mathematical relations between object and number sequences and sets: Kendall distance, Spearman distance, similar...
Size: 10 KB
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Library Java library Java calculate number sequence  
DOFMaster LE for Palm OS and focus distance. Tap on the scale to set focus distance. Tap the 'Hd' button to set focus distance at the hyperfocal distance. Hyperfocal distance, near distance, and Far distance are calculated us...
Size: 84.5KB
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Palm OS device manager for nokia c2 00 icon for turbo  
GoogleMapper Find the closest location by driving distance. It's smart engine test by default the closest 3 locations to get the driving distance. By choosing the location by driving distance instead of flying dis...
Size: 50.3 KB
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determine distance log distance distance logger distance  
xCAT - Mouse Traveller The xCAT - Mouse Traveller application was designed to track the distance your mouse has travelled over your screen, it displays the distance in centimers, meters and kilometers. Inch, foot and mile s...
Size: 7 KB
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track distance log track distance Mouse Traveller  
FromToGMAP FromToGMAP is a Firefox addon designed to calculate the distance and delay between two addresses. Right click with mouse, select 'Distance with FromToGMAP' and the calculation of distance and delay ap
Size: 30 KB
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map calculate Address address storer distance